Pictorial Technique

Unique in its type its consists in the exclusive utilization, although big paintings dimensions are involved, of small paintbrushes similar to the point of a pen (few millimetres). This special technique, although is very exacting, allows the artist to point out, in a realistic way, all the details of the subject painted. The result obtained in the painting is three-dimensional. In case of horses this technique permits to the animal skin to be enhance on the painting with its different shades and giving the sensation to the person who see it to touch it. Also in case of figure portrait the three-dimensional technique permits to poit up a real sculpture which join to the beauty of the picture the one of the soul. Particularity that no other technique permits to obtain. This is the biggest gift received by Mariella Sciascera that permits her to change in the realistic picture all the reality of the subjects on which her yes are lay down, a reality from which all her pictures draw force and beauty.
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